di Marco Lucchini

The article aims to underline essential elements of theatre architecture in Sardinia. Historical and economic peculiarities put the growing of a theater net back. Sergio Bullegas, one of the major scholar of theater in Sardinia, thinks that a staging  – intended as common code for theatrical performance – has been missed till sixties. After this date one sees an increasing interest for theater; besides several theater group started their production merging research and experimentation with traditional costumes and local tradition recovery. There are two main kind of staging: one with a deep link to the native tradition that is performed also out of theater spaces; another one, very similar to theater development in continental Italy, that needs a building in which putting on a show. Most important theaters were built in Cagliari and Sassari where the social and economic complexity is enough to make a theater demand. Cagliari is probably most interesting since in this city we can recognize a complex development of theater architecture, with different typologies and a quite important opera theater. Nowadays in Sardinia theatrical system is growing up; more similar to a sequence of spot than a system it is characterized by a strong relationship with local heritage.