di Martina Treu

The yearly festival of classical performances produced by Inda Foundation (former Istituto nazionale del Dramma antico) this year has begun with two tragedies: Sophocles’ Ajax and Euripides’ Hyppolitus – for the occasion named Phaedra (probably for cast and production reasons) – which have been staged on alternate nights, from 8th May to 25th June 2010, at the Greek Theatre of Syracuse (Sicily); soon afterwards, on 26th June, was first staged in the same theatre a Greek comedy, Aristophanes’ Lysistrata. Then, from 30th June to 1st August, the three productions have visited in tour the Temple Valley of Agrigento (Sicily), the Skolion Theatre of Athens, the Roman Theatre of Tusculum (near Rome). An increasing attention towards young audiences is worth noting in the Inda latest trends – for instance, this year, all chosen directors were under 40 for the first time – even if a further improvement, in this regard, could be the choice of new and more modern translations or adaptations of dramas in the next future.