Teatri (prima, durante, dopo i) duemila. Passato e presente (e forse futuro) di una fase della scena italiana – Roberta Ferraresi – Stratagemmi 33




‘Teatri duemila’: past, present and (maybe) future of the Italian theatre

The essay focuses on the new wave of ‘teatri duemila’ in contemporary Italian theatre, from its emergence at the beginning of the new century to its sudden decline. At that time, critics and scholars discussed the great ‘biodiversity’ of these experiences, noticing that the specificity was operating inside the phenomenon but also distinguishing it from the various periods of theatre history. The aim is to enrich these perspectives, through the analysis of ‘teatri duemila’ in their social, political, economic and cultural context (90s-2000s) on one hand and on the other trying to look at their possible position in Italian theatre history.