La buona politica e la nozione di popolo secondo papa Francesco: una doppia prospettiva – Massimo De Giuseppe, Guido Formigoni – Stratagemmi 38/39




Building a People, the Goal of good Politics

The reference to the concept of “people” has its centrality in the language of Pope Francis. Obviously, in times of heated discussions on populisms, this fact has caused readings and interpretations that don’t always get the point. Following the evolution of the more properly civil and political aspect of Cardinal Bergoglio’s lemmatic use (and then the Pope’s), an attempt is made to show its articulated design’s meaning.

Pueblos/Pueblo: a latin-american Perspective

The essay focuses on the Latin American context. Trying to historicize categories and historical experiences and using the plural and inclusive idea of the people used by Pope Francis as a prism, the article tries to dismantle some common stereotypes that accumulate in a single idea of populism, varied political and cultural experiences, different from each other, daughters (the feminine is not casual) of a subcontinent by no means trivial nor even static as often appears in the European narrative.