Lo spazio prospettico e la sua rappresentazione nella definizione della scena teatrale – Francesca Serrazanetti – Stratagemmi 22





The perspective space and its representation in the definition of the theatre scene


As a representation instrument devoted to create an illusionary space, giving back the three dimensions on a plan surface, perspective is strictly linked to scenography history. The discovery of perspective during the Renaissance has assumed, in the artistic and architectonic fields, a symbolic meaning, which could impose its revolutionary strength guiding not just the representation methods but also the evolution of the idea of the city. In the theatrical field, perspective has been the key to break the limits of the stage. Born as an instrument of representation of reality, perspective becomes in its scenographic application the strategy to guide the point of view and change the canonic rules of visual perception all over the history of theatre, especially starting from the fixed scene (XVI century), and then passing at the mobile one (XVII century).