Ludovico il Moro come personaggio teatrale nelle rappresentazioni milanesi del XV secolo – Matteo Bosisio – Stratagemmi 23





Ludovico il Moro as a scenic character in Milanese plays of the 15th century


The Milanese plays hold an important role in the dramatic survey of the late fifteenth century. Thus developed with a few years of delay compared to other courts – and particularly thanks to the progressive contacts with Ferrara – the Sforzas’ theatre quickly finds an independent and original way, in the name of an antiquarian recovery of the classical tradition, functional to the celebration of Ludovico il Moro. This paper focusses on the political and propagandistic task used in the dramatic pieces during the Moro’s government, and above all, analyzing the most significant works of this season, highlights the points where the Milanese dominus appears – directly or indirectly – as a scenic character.