Ricordando Odyssey. Intervista alla regina dei Feaci, Lydia Koniordou – Gilda Tentorio – Stratagemmi 27




About Bob Wilson’s Odyssey.  

Interview to Lydia Koniordou, the Queen of Phaeacians 

Odyssey is a co-production of Athens National Theatre and Milan Piccolo Teatro, created in 2012-13 by the famous American director Bob Wilson. Last April the show has achieved a great success in Milan, and I had the chanche to meet Lydia Koniordou, considered the finest Greek classical actress, who played diverse roles in the Wilson’s Odyssey. We had a long and interesting talk in neo-greek: the “Lady of Ancient Drama”, as is called in Greece, speaks of her experience in Odyssey, of the importance of ancient Greek heritage, and of modern cultural dynamics: from the theatrical point of view, the global economic crisis can be a challenge, a “cathartic” opportunity to develop new strategies and languages.