Stratagemmi 43 – Mettere in scena le immagini: le lecture performance di Rabih Mroué – Maaike Bleeker




Performing the Image: Rabih Mroué’s Lecture Performance 

The work of Rabih Mroué (1967) is strongly bonded to the mean of lecture performance. Through the analysis of three pieces like The Inhabitants of Images (2009), Who’s Afraid of Representation? (2005) and Three Posters (2000), the paper aims to discover how and why the Lebanese artist deals with images, in the wake of the visual studies by W.J.T. Mitchell who highlights the difference between image and picture and defines what is now known as “the life of images”. Focusing the relationship between actor, spectator and images indeed, the work of Mroué precedes this theorization and it deepens and accentuates the importance of images in our daily life, trying to awake the reaction of spectators. Mroué reaches this goal through a non-fictional theatre, which gives space to the questioning of a real subject: the artist himself.