Stratagemmi 43 – Rabih Mroué e Milo Rau: la sfida del realismo globale – Benedetta Bronzini




Rabih Mroué and Milo Rau: the Challenge of global Realism

The essay analyses the relationship between reality and performance, history and artifice, in the works of Rabih Mroué and of the Swiss theatre director and author Milo Rau, both political artists devoted to putting contemporary history under the spotlight and “making reality impossible” through the use of technology. This purpose turns out to be the chance to examine the overlappings in Mroué’s and Rau’s theatre works and poetic, as well as the dialogue between the two, who shared their thoughts on the stage of the Berliner Akademie der Künste at the conference of the School of Resistance entitled Can There Be Global Art? (2021). Multiple geo-cultural perspectives towards historical events and the will of involving the Western audience in a new global theatre, where the so-called “Third World” and the countries at war are the protagonists and the performers of their own condition, are in fact the core of Rau’s The Congo Tribunal and Orestes in Mosul, as well as of numerous works of Rabih Mroué, starting from one of his latest lecture performances, The Pixelated Revoution.