L’evoluzione del sentimento tragico – Freddy Decreus – Stratagemmi 40


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After attending the rehearsals for Milo Rau’s Orestes in Mosul, Freddy Decreus, Professor of Theatre History at Gent University, is interviewed by the show’s acting company. What follows is a conversation that examines the evolution of tragedy in its many forms, from its roots back in Ancient Greece to contemporary times, from Sofocles and Euripides to Peter Stein and Ariane Mnouchkine. Decreus tries to tackle the multiple facets of a genre that’s been dealing with the essence of human nature for thousands of years. Pivotal historical moments, social movements and cultural shifts all come into play to shape the language of a form of expression that is now, once again, gaining momentum — and new perspectives — thanks to the work of directors like Rau himself.