Il XLVIII ciclo di spettacoli classici a Siracusa: deviazione per lavori in corso – Maddalena Giovannelli – Stratagemmi 22





The 48th Inda’s festival of classical performances. Diversion: work in progress…


This year the Festival of Classical Performances produced by the Inda Foundation has begun with two tragedies: Longhi’s Prometheus and Calendas’ Bacchae. Inda’s trend seems to be that of an increasing attention for the contemporary scene’s features: especially in Prometheus the performance of this classical drama is much closer to the present than in the Festival’s previous editions. As much amazing is the staging of Aristophanes’ comedy by Roberta Torre: The Birds are not an archaeological tribute, but a keen reflection on our society. Longhi’s and Torre’s works mark a diversion, a change of route, which will take the Syracusan season to a new and more productive connection with the contemporary scene’s features and issues.

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