Personaggio, persona, storia – Renato Palazzi – Stratagemmi 40


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«An individuality enriched by a destiny»: this is how Milo Rau describes in Global Realism his idea of character. This definition sums up the position of the Swiss director with respect to a stereotyped general formula of “theater of reality” to which he is usually attributed. The purpose of his work is actually not to reconstruct the particular story in itself, but the destiny, that is, the historical universal that subsumes the individual incarnations. For Rau, the character is a “layered entity” that includes the person with the weight of his past, but goes also beyond it and takes it away from his peculiar fate, making it part of immense global tragedies. Through the evocative process of a shared emotional memory, a sort of historical and collective variant of the Stanislavskian perejivanie, the actor-person tells and at the same time recites his own story, inserts it in «something more important, more necessary, more decisive, therefore ultimately more real than the so-called “real life”».