Agamennone tra Eschilo e Pasolini – Francesca Gabucci – Stratagemmi 23





Agamemnon between Aeschylus and Pasolini.


This paper analyzes Aeschylus’ Agamemnon staging by Pietro Conversano with Pier Paolo Pasolini’s translation, hosted in TAU theatrical season in Marche Italian region. The final performance, which took place at the Roman amphitheatre of Ancona, has been preceded by two big rehearsals: Conversano in fact chooses a quite static acting style on the backdrop of an essential set, trying to emphasize the tragic speech by itself, the aeschylean words rewritten by Pasolini. All actors are immobile except Cassandra, when explodes in her prophetic mania. The musical score written and performed by Alessandro Petrolati starts from natural noises mixed with synthesizers and digital tools, providing a perfect sound carpet for actors’ voices. The paper also deals with the difficulty of making the chorus of the ancient tragedy in modern staging. As conclusion, a short interview with the director himself.